about us

no ordinary world raises funding for and awareness of endangered species and the ecosystems they live in.

The products are a dynamic synthesis of my passion for the diversity of life on our planet and the marvelous variety of global decorative ornament with which humans have expressed themselves throughout the ages.

The imagery is hand drawn and painted digitally using a combination of pencil, pastel, and watercolor, and is digitally reproduced on the highest quality materials.  All products are printed/sewn/assembled with pride in the USA and Canada!

no ordinary world has selected EDGE (Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered), a conservation programme launched by the Zoological Society of London in Spring of 2007, as the recipient of 2.5% of all profits raised.  To learn more about EDGE, please visit their website at www.edgeofexistence.org


“no ordinary world products are the canvas for my vision of a world in which diverse cultures intermingle with harmony and joy, and the fantastic diversity of life on our planet is showcased and celebrated.

It is my hope that the visually distinctive flora and fauna featured on my products will beg curiosity and perhaps reinforce or reawaken a sense of wonder in the diversity of life on earth. 

The history of world ornament is my inspiration for the accompanying vibrant patterns.  The visual fibers of our indigenous cultures weave together irrespective of time or geography in a joyous decorative imagery which speaks to our collective soul.”

~ Rachael Miller